When tasked to create a poster featuring a mantra of my choosing to live by for the next year, I took a step back and looked to the future.  Where do I want to be in 5-10 years? What will it take to get there? What if I took it a step further and dreamed a little bigger? What then is the plan of action?

Mantra: To Walk With Giants

Meaning: To be bold enough to believe that achieving what is remembered throughout history is not unattainable. To stand among those who are movers and shapers of society and the history of the human race rather than in their shadows. To have the confidence and tenacity to reach the seemingly unreachable.

I then thought about the people I consider to be giants.  Great figures from history came to mind.  I thought about how their memories have stood the test of time and it was clear what needed to happen: I would make myself into a marble statue.

Process: Study marble statue photography and craft. Paint myself as white as possible. Photograph in studio. Photoshop retouch and effects. Print and attain some small level of immortality.

The Process

+ Photography: Britta Wichary

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