There's Something in the Bubbles Ad Campaign

Over the last two years LaCroix sales have sky rocketed and the brand has turned into a social phenomenon. Currently it is America's #1 Domestic Sparkling Water Brand.  LaCroix has cultivated an active millennial following via social media, but it faces the risk of being "just a trend." This advertising campaign was developed with Kahla Watkins and Krista Nussey, as a way to secure LaCroix's place in the market.  The campaign capitalizes on LaCroix's status as a "cult brand."  While that may seem like a negative brand attribute, the fierce following and fun-loving culture surrounding LaCroix are the best way to capitalize on and promote the growth of the brand.  The big idea was developed in light of this, recognizing that LaCroix is a habit forming product that grows on individuals over time until they too are a part of the community.

This campaign personalizes the LaCroix community through individual and collective experiences.  The multiple, separate experiences all tie together, while each remains effective on its own. Through installments, direct mail, billboards, print advertising, experiential marketing, social media, and a 30 second television spot, the campaign reaches a vast and varied audience with a unified message.

Research & Campaign Book


LaCroix vending machines were designed for installation in various inland US cities. Each machine offers a single flavor, but grouped together the machines showcase the wide array of choices.  Upon purchase, each customer receives two cans banded together. The line "One for now. One for later" promotes the addictive nature of LaCroix.

Direct Mail

Designed specifically to target college students, the direct mail consists of a brightly colored envelope containing a compressed t-shirt in the shape of a LaCroix can.  The expanded shirt (activated by water) allows college students to further promote the LaCroix culture among a young market each time they wear the shirt.


This is no ordinary billboard. During rush hour the billboard would shoot out bubbles to engage drivers stuck in traffic.

Print Ads

"It happens slowly... then all at once."
Two print ads were developed to showcase the transition that occurs for many LaCroix fans who at first did not know how they felt about the product, but over time fall for the flavors.

Experiential Marketing

The LaCroix Tour was developed to bring the culture of the brand to life for those who are already a part of it and for those first encountering LaCroix. The LaCroix truck would travel to populated costal US cities handing out samples of the various flavors. The worker in the truck would be dressed as one of the flavor characters from the print ads. At night the truck would double as a bar, serving mixed drinks to showcase the product's versatility.

Social Media

LaCroix has a strong presence on Instagram and Facebook due to its followers, but it has not yet made its Snapchat debut. This motion activated filter is initiated by a smile, which triggers bubbles to float up the screen, transforming the user into one of the flavor characters.

Television Spot

The 30 second television spot is where this campaign originated and it encompasses elements from the entire campaign.

  1. A man at a LaCroix vending machine receives two cans.
  2. He turns to reveal the LaCroix mailer t-shirt as he gives one of the cans to a woman passing by.
  3. She takes a sip, and while she is somewhat perplexed by the taste she carries the can on her way. In the distance stands one of the LaCroix billboards.
  4. Transitioning to the next day, the woman is seen in her office break room opening the refrigerator filled with LaCroix.
  5. She is then seen at her desk sipping the drink throughout the day.
  6. The following day the woman is shown at the LaCroix Tour getting a can from the LaCroix truck.
  7. The camera zooms in on the can as she opens it: "It happens slowly at first..."
  8. "Then all at once." Cut to a shot of the woman running toward the camera playing bubble soccer.
  9. The camera zooms out to reveal the game.
  10. The players collide and bubbles float up the screen revealing the La Croix Logo "There's something in the bubbles."

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