Elo Merger Branding

A merger of Burt’s Bees all natural medicinal ingredients and Kimberly Clark’s expertise in personal care products, paper, and adhesive materials. Combining the medicinal knowledge of Burt’s Bees with the application and production abilities of Kimberly Clark provides a new brand which prides itself on the ability to produce goods that promote the wellness of their customers.

Demulcent by Elo is a line of topical treatment pads infused with all natural serums and balms. The pads are easy to apply and adhere to skin to provide long lasting treatment for common skin ailments such as dryness, itchiness, burns, and acne.

The packaging is minimal and reads as a clinical product. A color coding system was developed based on research of similar products. Color coding for various skin ailments is common and makes for easy and immediate visual recognition of a product.

Creating advertisements for a product that would most resemble an Icy Hot pad called for an approach that would not show the product but rather uncover what the product is made of. The illustrations depict the all natural ingredients of each different Demulcent.

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